General FAQs

Do we have to be Lutheran to attend Redeemer Lutheran School?2022-04-08T13:01:21-07:00

No! Families of our community who seek an exceptional Christian education for their children are encouraged to call us to schedule a meeting and a tour of the school.

What are the benefits of a Christian education?2022-04-08T13:02:10-07:00

A Christian education promotes a God-pleasing character in students. Children learn how to treat others by mirroring what Jesus did for us. Most importantly, they learn about their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how his death and resurrection has given them eternal life with Him in heaven.

What is the average class size?2022-04-08T13:02:04-07:00

We aim to keep each classroom at less than 15 students.

What is the cost of tuition?2024-03-04T09:33:45-07:00

To view tuition and fees for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, please view our Admissions page here.

Can I enroll after the school year begins?2022-04-08T13:01:40-07:00

If our classes are not full, you may enroll at any time. There is no additional fee for enrolling during the school year.

What do Lutherans believe about Baptism?2022-04-08T13:01:34-07:00

We believe that the Word of God in and with the water of Holy Baptism works forgiveness of sins, rescues from death and the devil and gives eternal salvation to all who believe this. We have students at Redeemer who have not been baptized. Any parents who have students that wish to be baptized are encouraged to talk with our pastor.

Is there a playground?2022-04-08T13:01:28-07:00

We currently have swings and a jungle gym, scooters, tricycles, a basketball court, and a large grassy area with room to run. We are constantly looking to expand our playground and equipment for both P.E. and recess.

What are the qualifications of the teachers at RLS?2023-05-01T10:33:01-07:00

The faculty members of Redeemer Lutheran School are trained educators with an average experience of over 20 years. Our teachers are Christian men and women dedicated to sharing their faith in Christ with their students. They are certified graduates of accredited institutions with degrees in Education and are licensed teachers in the State of Colorado.

Preschool FAQs

What ages does Tiny Treasures serve?2022-04-08T13:04:06-07:00

We are licensed for children ages 2.5 years (30 months) through five years old.

What is the student to teacher ratio at Tiny Treasures?2022-04-08T13:04:45-07:00

Although we are licensed for up to 10 students in each preschool classroom, we start each school year with between 6-8 children in each classroom, then add any additional students throughout the year. We never exceed 10 students per class with 2 staff in each class for a ratio of 5:1 children to staff.

Can I enroll my preschooler in the middle of the school year?2022-04-08T13:05:15-07:00

You may enroll your child throughout the year at any time. Please contact us to confirm the days you desire to enroll your child and to verify we have an opening

What qualifications do your teachers have?2022-04-08T13:05:58-07:00

At Redeemer Lutheran School, we have the best qualified and experienced staff in the Uncompahgre Valley. All the preschool teachers have at least five years of classroom experience and all are qualified by the state of Colorado as Early Childhood teachers.

What is the tuition cost for Tiny Treasures?2022-04-09T07:14:59-07:00

The tuition varies by the number of full days and half days your child attends. Please view our pricing table on the Preschool page here.

What is your childcare philosophy?2022-04-08T13:07:21-07:00

As a childcare provider, Tiny Treasures Preschool staff are partners in the children’s activities and learning rather than just a supervisor. Throughout the day, we work to form caring relationships with the children, support their play ideas, share control with them, focus on individual strengths and needs of each child, and promote a problem-solving approach to social conflict.


“The smaller class sizes and high academic expectations make it possible for our child’s learning to be personalized to meet his specific needs. All the fun activities ensure that he loves school. I am so thankful for RLS!” –Parent

“I have been blown away by how much my child has learned this year. Because of the small class sizes and the individualized attention given by the teachers, he is reading and doing math problems beyond what a Kindergartner would normally be able to do. I could not be more pleased with his growth both academically and spiritually!” –Parent

“The atmosphere at Redeemer has allowed my child to feel more confident and accepted. She is excited to go to school every day. The teachers are so loving and caring! It is the perfect environment for my child.” –Parent

“I see Redeemer Lutheran School partnering with families, teaching values, integrity, and high standards besides the ABC’s. The staff are all godly examples of spiritual nurturing, care and love besides high academics for each student. It warms my heart to see my granddaughter light up as she tells others how much she loves her school., teachers and classmates. Every child should have that kind of excitement! All glory to God!” –Grandparent

“We are so grateful to Redeemer for providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment for our son. Not only is he being challenged academically and succeeding, he is growing in his faith and love for Jesus.” –Parent

“Redeemer instills a love for the Lord, a love for learning, and a love for our country. A true blessing to our family and our community.” –Parent

“Redeemer Elementary School has been a breath of fresh air for our children and ourselves. The class sizes have allowed our childrens’ teachers to get to know them and challenge them in their academics. Not only are their academics excelling more than we imagined, they are also being nurtured. We couldn’t be more happy with the decision we made to bring our children to this school.” –Parent

“We are so blessed and couldn’t be more pleased with how our daughter’s life has been positively impacted while at Redeemer Lutheran School. She has blossomed both academically and socially since attending. We are so grateful for the consistent and fair expectations and learning environment at Redeemer Lutheran School. We appreciate that her needs have been met, she excels at learning, and genuinely loves going to school each day! Thank you for nurturing her heart and mind while giving her the confidence she needed to move forward in life. We wholeheartedly recommend Redeemer Lutheran School to everyone we know!” –Parent

“I have been holding off on writing this review. I have wanted to keep this place a secret from the world. I think it is time now, to share my thoughts and my opinions. Mainly, because it is selfish of me to hide such a gem. I have a little girl in Tiny Treasures – who absolutely loves going to this school. She is not only happy there, but is advanced in her schooling (numbers, writing, letters, etc.) and shares her knowledge of Jesus, too. My son is in 2nd Grade – and what a Godsend this place is to our family and our boy. He used to have so many problems with behavior and being bullied by older kids. Not here!!! He loves going to school, has improved in reading and excelled in math. Most of all, he is excited about bible study!! He admits most of it is due to his teacher. And I see the behavior of other students as excellent. REDEEMER LUTHERAN has the staff and the love for these children. They love being teachers and it truly shows. It is also evident that they LOVE LOVE LOVE their job, what an inspiration to all of us parents. Can’t believe I am letting this all out, I know they can survive with their faith and energy and excitement about this wonderful school. See you all next year!” –Parent
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